Pack carefully:  Ensure that fragile items are packed with soft packing materials. Fill empty space with stuffing to limit the shifting of the contents during the move. Make sure that boxes are not too heavy to carry once packed.

Label your boxes:  Itís easy to do when you are packing, and will save you a lot of time when you are searching months down the road for that particular item. Masking tape and an indelible marker make for easy Labels, both of which are available at all of our location.

Organize with Purpose:  When packing your storage locker, think of the seasonality behind your access needs. Group like things together, with more frequently needed things towards the entrance of your storage unit.

Stack Items:  Pack your items so that durable, heavy items are on the bottom, and light fragile items are stacked on top, making full use of your storage space.

Forget Newspaper:  Use proper packing paper instead of newspaper. Newspaper will rub off ink onto your belongings.  Itís a mess you do not want. Ask our storage councilors about packing supplies, and available bundles.

Allow Ventilation:  Keep space around your boxes for air movement. Do not pack tightly against the walls. If possible, get your boxes off the ground for proper ventilation; Choose your unit size based upon accessibility. If you need access often, consider a larger unit with ample walking space around your goods; If you are considering longer term storage with infrequent access, consider stacking your goods to the ceiling (putting couches and mattresses on end) to maximize your storage value and minimize your rental payment.


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